Why HVAC Duct Maintenance Is Essential For Bay Area Homeowners

Most Bay Area homeowners don’t give much thought to their ductwork, other than it’s a series of tubes that carry conditioned air (warmed or cooled) throughout their homes. If you are considering the installation of a high-efficiency HVAC system, it is critical that you ensure your ductwork is in good repair; otherwise, you will lose the energy efficiency of your new system. In fact, you may come to think that your new system isn’t performing as efficiently as it should, when in fact it’s your ductwork that’s the culprit.

To avoid this, your San Francisco HVAC contractor will inspect your ducts prior to installing a new system or diagnosing your existing one for repairs. Additionally, your technician should check for ductwork integrity, which simply means insulating ducts and making sure they are property routed for safety purposes.

Sure, your heating and air conditioning contractor would love to sell you a new system – but that’s not how reputable companies work. If your heat or air doesn’t seem to be working efficiently, such as it runs a great deal of the time or your energy bills seem higher than usual, checking the ductwork should be first priority. Many systems lose efficiency because a joint is not properly sealed or a leak exists. When conditioned air is leaking somewhere along the line, your HVAC unit has to work harder to heat/cool your home. This equates to higher energy bills!

Insulating your ductwork is also important, for more reasons than keeping the conditioned air that comes into your home warmer or cooler. Insulating helps to prevent the growth of mold and mildew which can be caused by temperature variations. Essentially, your ducts can “sweat” under certain conditions, which means ruined ducts and the growth of bacteria that could potentially be hazardous to your family’s health.

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