Why Do Duct Cleaning Prices Vary So Much?

duct cleaning price

When you see advertisements or call around for price checks on duct cleaning services, you might be shocked to see the wide variety of price ranges out there. There can be a range of roughly $400 difference between companies. The common question we get asked, is why does this occur? Aren’t we all doing the same thing? How can Company A charge so little and Company B so much? What’s the difference?

There can be several differences. We in no way are accusing any one business of anything. We are simply conveying reasons why you may see a difference in price between companies. What you choose to do with this information is up to you. When choosing a duct cleaning company, be sure to choose a reputable company within a price range that is right for you. Above all, you must remember that reputation and reliability are more important than prices. Duct cleaning is a serious business, and can directly effect the health of your indoor health and your own health by extensions.

Let’s first examine Company A. Company A charges $150 for duct cleaning. How can they charge so little? Even though we’d hate to admit it, there are some shady companies out there that will work with bad or outdated equipment or do poor jobs on your duct cleaning. Again, doing a quick background search on the company will help you figure out how good their services are. Some companies may use low price points to get their foot in the door to up-sell other services. Be wary of this, but be educated. While it’s a great sales tactic for the company, and can be perfectly legitimate, make sure that you aren’t being taken for a ride. Some of the up-sell can actually be 100% needed. Don’t think that just because someone says “Well, you should also get _______ done while we’re here” they are trying to rip you off.

Now let’s examine Company B. Why do they charge so much? First, inquire about the type of equipment they are using. Modern technology offers some amazing tools (i.e. robot duct cleaning), and these tools come at a high price point. Because they do such a good job at duct cleaning, they can be worth the additional cost to use these services. Not to mention, the owners must cover their overhead to purchase the expensive equipment. Another reason why the cost may be high is because they are part of a subcontracting circle. Company B isn’t actually the master company behind the duct cleaning. They’re actually receiving a partial commission on the job and another percentage of the profit must go to the boys upstairs. Therefore, the receipt of sale needs to be big enough to split up several ways and still be profitable. Remember, a little bit of homework should help you figure out just what you’re dealing with.

Bottom line, there are a few reasons why price differs…some bad, some good. But, if you do your due diligence and look up the company you’re about to deal with, you’ll probably be able to find testimonials, get a free quote, find out what type of equipment they’re using, and whether or not they’re privately owned. These factors should be able to give you a sound reasoning behind their price tag, and help you choose a duct cleaning company that’s right for you.