Hayward HVAC Experts Talk Whole House Dehumidifiers And How They Work

Even when running your air conditioning, humidity levels inside your home can become too high. As experienced Hayward HVAC experts, we understand that many homeowners are not familiar with whole house dehumidifiers and how they work.

The truth is, while humidity makes you feel uncomfortable, it can actually be unhealthy when the air inside your home is too humid. Not only is your skin sticky to the touch and perhaps your hair frizzy, a humid environment makes the perfect breeding ground for mildew, mold, and other nasty things. In turn, allergy or asthma sufferers experience increased symptoms. Humid air can be unhealthy for anyone with respiratory problems.

A whole house dehumidifier is recommended for homeowners who want to remove humidity from three or more rooms in their homes. Rather than a portable device that is typically used for a single room, a whole house system is a larger stationary device. This device is connected to a new or existing HVAC system. The vents used to deliver conditioned (cool or warm air, depending on the season) into your home are also used to dehumidify the various rooms in your home.

As Hayward air conditioning professionals, we think you will be surprised to learn that a whole house dehumidifier can remove several gallons of moisture from your home every single day; in fact, on average 10 gallons!

A whole house dehumidifier works extremely well in conjunction with your air conditioning system. The humid air inside your home passes over cold metal coils after being pulled into the dehumidifier, which results in the forming of condensation. This condensation is then collected in a tank and then empties through a hose. Some models may be emptied manually once the tank becomes full.

It is recommended that humidity levels inside your home remain at about 40 to 60% for the best indoor air quality and good health. Excess humidity not only aggravates asthma and other respiratory conditions, it can eventually cause damage to your home in the form of rotting wood and mold formation.

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