Knowing When To Replace HVAC Ducts In Your Bay Area Home

replace hvac ducts

Most homeowners in the Bay Area give little thought to the ductwork in their HVAC systems; it’s one of those “hidden” components you don’t see, but it’s also very important. Whether you live in Hayward, San Mateo, San Jose, or anywhere in the area, there may come a time whenyou need to replace HVAC ducts in your home – but how do you know? Our HVAC technicians have included a few “tell-tale” signs below.

Excess Dust

If you notice your home is excessively dusty, when compared to normal, it’s a good indication your HVAC system needs to be checked out. It could be that you don’t change the filter regularly, however, if you notice the dust is extra-heavy around air vents or registers, it could be that the ducts need attention.

Temperatures aren’t consistent throughout your home

There are several potential problems, including the thermostat, when you notice that a room or area in your home seems cooler or warmer than the rest of your home. However, if cracks or leaks exist in the ductwork, this can cause certain rooms to be cooler or warmer, as air won’t circulate as it should when ducts are faulty. The ducts could be the problem if other components of your system appear to be functioning as they should.

Mold and asbestos are concerns

When cracks or leaks exist in ductwork, humidity increases. This is the ideal environment for mold to grow, especially in plastic ducts. Mold can contaminate the air and cause health issues, so it’s important to have any cracks or leaks in the ducts repaired, or in the case of plastic ductwork, ducts may need to be replaced. If your Bay Area home is one that’s older than 50 years, you may want to consider duct replacement, as ductwork was often insulated with asbestos decades ago.

Leaks and cracks impact efficiency

You may be comfortable checking the ductwork for leaks or cracks yourself, however, if you aren’t, you’ll want to call our HVAC technicians to inspect your ducts, as these problems not only impact air quality, but also cause your system to work less efficiently, which will result in higher utility costs. Depending on the situation, it may be possible to repair a crack or leak; in some cases, replacement of a section of ductwork may be necessary.

Ortiz Heating & A/C provides homeowners throughout the Bay Area with a wide range of heating and cooling services, including repairs, installation, and maintenance. Whether you have cracks or leaks in the ducts that need to be repaired or replaced, or need your ducts cleaned, give us a call today!