Wouldn’t You Love To Know What’s Going On With Your Furnace

what's going on with your furnace

At Ortiz Heating & A/C, we know that when temperatures dip and it’s necessary to use the furnace during colder months, homeowners would love to know what’s going on when the system doesn’t work properly. Sometimes you anticipate problems the prior year, wondering if your furnace will even last for another winter season. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get answers from your furnace by simply asking questions? We have a few tips to help you know what’s going on with your furnace.

Energy costs are constantly rising, you’ve had to call for repairs several times, and your Bay Area home just doesn’t feel as comfortable as it once did. These are all indications of a problem, which typically requires repairs or replacement. Is your heating system old and worn out? In some cases it makes more sense to replace your heat pump or heating system, particularly if it’s 10 or 15 years old. Whether you heat you home with a furnace or boiler, Energy Star® approved equipment is far more efficient, saving you money while reducing heating costs.

Other questions to ask yourself (because, of course, your furnace won’t answer) include:

  • Are you having to have your furnace repaired on a regular basis?
  • Does it seem that certain areas of your home seem too warm, or others too cold?
  • Are you noticing that your home feels more humid than it once did, or is moisture causing problems such as mildew or mold?
  • Despite your housecleaning efforts, are you noticing more dust than usual?

When energy costs rise while costs for repairs increase, there is definitely a problem. Your older system may not be as efficient as it once was. Other problems such as inconsistent temperatures throughout your home could indicate a variety of problems, including inadequate insulation, issues with duct work, or a malfunctioning heating system. When you notice excessive humidity or excessive dust in your home, it could be caused by several things including leaky ducts.

Many San Francisco homeowners don’t realize how the duct work can impact comfort, energy costs, and the air inside your home. When ducts leak, air that’s too dry or humid sneaks inside your home, along with the dust, dirt, and other debris and allergens that typically lurk outside. A dusty home that’s inefficient in terms of energy use and uncomfortable, while aggravating allergies and other respiratory conditions – what could be worse?

We know you’d love to be able to diagnose the problem when your furnace doesn’t seem to be functioning as it once did. At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, our Bay Area technicians can quickly figure out what the problem is, and either perform the necessary repairs or install a new system if it’s the best decision in your situation. Contact us today!