Bay Area Heat & Air Professionals: What HVAC Stands For & How It Works

Many people have heard the term HVAC, but don’t really know what it stands for. HVAC is simply an abbreviation for ‘heating, ventilation, and air conditioning,’ and is the comfort control system that makes your home or office cool during summer months, and warm during winter months. It also works to control humidity levels inside your home and improve indoor air quality.

As trusted Bay Area air conditioning installation and repair experts, we will briefly go over the workings of an HVAC system.

Some of the components of an HVAC system include indoor coolers and blowers, an outdoor unit, and duct work which carries conditioned air into your home. Some of the functions of these systems include:

Air conditioning. During warmer months, your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system delivers cool air into the rooms of your home or business. Essentially, your system cools your home by removing heat from the indoors through a process in which the air is cooled using refrigerants.

Ventilation. Ventilation applies to the movement and flow of air inside your home or business, and effectively cleans the indoor air by removing airborne allergens, carbon dioxide, and other potentially harmful pollutants. HVAC systems ventilate the indoors by removing or changing the air in a space by bringing outdoor air inside. Smoke, odors, dust, and other particulates are removed, making the inside air cleaner and healthier. Most systems use forced air.

Heating. One of the most common types of HVAC systems is a heat pump, but many homeowners choose hybrid systems which reduce energy costs, and AC/furnace systems. Central heating systems consisting of a heat pump, furnace, or radiator are usually the most cost effective, allowing Bay Area homeowners to enjoy warm comfort while saving on energy costs.

Your HVAC contractor can go into further detail about these systems, and which may be best for your situation. At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, we like to educate our customers about making their homes more comfortable, while enjoying savings on energy costs. Contact our Bay Area air conditioning and heating professionals today with any questions you may have.