What Can A New HVAC System Do For Hayward Homeowners?

new hvac system

As a homeowner in Hayward or anywhere in the San Francisco area, it’s important to know what a new HVAC system can do for you – especially if your current system is 10 to 15 years old. Maybe you think your air conditioner is working just fine, and there’s no need to worry about it. You may change your mind after reading this article!

Here are a few of the most important benefits of having a new HVAC system installed:

Improved efficiency. Older cooling systems aren’t as efficient as those available today, particularly those with the Energy Star label. When paired with air filtration, comfort controls, and zoning controls, it’s possible to achieve maximum comfort and lower energy bills.

New technology. With conventional air conditioners, homeowners only have one choice when it comes to airflow speed – the system is either on or off. Today’s technology makes it possible to keep the temperature precisely where you want it thanks to variable capacity cooling and heating, and variable speed airflow. Additionally, your system doesn’t experience as much wear and tear because of the constant starting and stopping with conventional motors.

Reduced utility bills. This is a big one for many Bay Area homeowners, who find their energy bills climbing higher and higher. Cooling and heating your home is responsible for about half of a home’s total utility cost. Today’s modern HVAC systems ensure you enjoy comfort, while lowering energy bills. When properly installed by a highly trained and qualified technician, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your ducts are completely sealed, and that your system is functioning properly. No conditioned air leaking into the area under your home, the attic, or anywhere it shouldn’t be! Programmable thermostats make your system even more efficient, saving you money.

The improvements in HVAC technology over the past decade or so truly are amazing. Not only can homeowners enjoy lower utility costs and improved comfort; indoor air quality is improved, and many systems make it possible to control the thermostat and other functions from smart devices! Zoning is also possible with some models, so that members of your family can control the comfort in their own “zones” of your home.

If you’re still living with an air conditioning system that gives you no options but to turn it on or off and set the temperature, it’s time to come into today’s world! Contact Ortiz Heating & A/C today to learn more about today’s high efficiency HVAC systems.