What are the Various Types of Air Conditioning Available?

types of air conditioning

Whether you live in San Mateo, the East Bay, Hayward, or other areas in the San Francisco community, deciding what type of air conditioning is right for your needs can be confusing. What are the various types of air conditioning systems, and how do they differ? At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, we want to help you understand the various types of systems available to homeowners today, so that you can make an informed decision.

Primarily, there are four types of cooling systems to choose from. These include:

Split air conditioner. With this type of A/C, the inside component can be located in the most logical area for cooling while the louder components are located outside; ductless mini-split systems are an example of this, making it possible to cool specific areas of your home instead of the whole house at once, as is the case with central air conditioners.

Central air conditioning. The most common type of A/C used by homeowners, a central air conditioner cools the entire house using a two-part system which includes the evaporative and condensing units.

Window air conditioners. With a window or wall air conditioner, the entire system comes in one single unit containing the evaporator coil, condenser, compressor, etc. The side designed to face the room blows cold air, while the portion located outside of the window or wall blows hot air. While these can be installed in a wall, most people prefer to used a window where there is already an opening.

Portable air conditioners. As the name implies, portable air conditioners can be moved. Instead of cooling the entire home with a central unit or having one room colder than others which is often the case with window air conditioners, a portable A/C can be wheeled to any area where you desire cooling.

Which type of air conditioner is best for your needs? At Ortiz Heating & A/C, we cater to homeowners in the San Francisco Bay Area, providing you with exceptional products and service. Give us a call today for all of your cooling needs.