Variable Speed Air Conditioners – What Homeowners Need To Know

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Traditionally, air conditioners had only one speed – all out full blast. In fact, many who live in San Jose, San Francisco, or anywhere in the Bay Area still have only one speed on their A/C systems. How would you like it if your car would only go 60, and you couldn’t change the speed? Today, variable speed air conditioners keep you more comfortable and offer greater energy efficiency because they adjust the power they put out according to climate changes.

What’s “cool” about variable speed A/C models is that they’re intuitive, and capable of automatically changing the power output, depending on climate conditions. For instance, if it’s only 80 degrees outside, the system may operate at 50% capacity rather than 100% power, as it would if it were 100 degrees outside. It’s easy to figure out that using less power equates to improved energy-efficiency and money savings!

Traditional single-stage air conditioners are typically short cyclers. This simply means they switch on and off constantly because your spaces cool down super fast, which causes the thermostat to shut off. Soon the temperature rises in your home again, and the A/C kicks right back on. All of this kicking on and off constantly costs you more because the compressor uses a lot of energy when your A/C system starts back up again, and when it’s kicking on every few minutes – well, you get the picture.

Ultimately you won’t have the constant stops and starts with a variable speed air conditioner due to the fact that when temperatures aren’t scorching hot, it will run at a lower power level and more continuously, rather than shutting on and off every 10 or 15 minutes. This means greatly improved comfort as well, as you won’t be freezing when the A/C blasts on at full power like your current system does, then sweating once it shuts off before it comes back on again. Essentially you’ll enjoy continuous, even comfort and lower energy costs.

Carrier is a leader in variable speed technology, and Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning relies on Carrier for all of our customers’ heating and cooling needs. We invite those in the Bay Area who are interested in learning more to contact our HVAC experts today!