Troubleshooting Tips for a Broken Air Conditioner

broken air conditioner

Depending on how high temperatures rise in summer months in San Mateo, San Francisco, and other areas (like Contra Costa County), an air conditioner that isn’t operating properly can seem like a minor emergency. While you may feel that you have no talent when it comes to fixing a broken air conditioner, there are some minor issues you may be able to resolve yourself. At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, we have a few troubleshooting tips that may help. If you give them a try without success, contact our skilled Bay Area heating and cooling contractors.

First, inspect your air conditioning equipment. Your cooling system won’t be able to dehumidify the air if the condensate pump isn’t working. You can test the pump by pouring a cup of water into the condensate drain. If the water pools or the pump fails to start, it could be the reason your air conditioner isn’t functioning properly.

Check the thermostat if your A/C system runs, but fails to maintain a temperature that is comfortable and consistent.

Is the air conditioner the proper size for your Bay Area home? In some cases, the A/C system simply isn’t the right size for your needs. For instance, if you had added on a room, your air conditioner may be too small to keep up with the increased demand. Other times, a system that is too large for your cooling needs can result in uneven cooling or insufficient dehumidification.

Improving airflow is another issue that is fairly common, and the root of issues with air conditioners. While we have repeatedly advised homeowners to change the air filter regularly, a clogged filter can result in insufficient airflow. If it’s difficult to determine whether the filter needs changing, change it. Also check for dirty air vents and registers that may have a build-up of dust, dirt, pet dander, and other debris. Remove the covers and wash and vacuum the insides of the ducts as thoroughly as possible before replacing covers.

On your outdoor condenser unit, a good cleaning with a stiff brush may do the trick. Brush away leaves and other debris from the fins; in addition, if you have not cleaned the outdoor condenser within the past year, take the cover off and rinse the inside of the fins using a water hose turned on to gentle pressure.

Hopefully, doing the above will resolve the problem. A malfunctioning air conditioner is something you do not want to face in the heat of summer! If you haven’t had your heat and air system inspected recently, consider a check-up. At Ortiz Heating & A/C, your comfort is our top priority! Give us a call today for a comfortable, energy efficient home.