San Mateo Air Conditioning Experts: 3 Tips To Select A Quiet System

As highly regarded San Mateo air conditioning repair professionals, we know that an air conditioner that’s noisy can be enough to drive you crazy. You’re trying to watch your favorite show on television, or just hold a conversation with your spouse or a friend – but that noisy system grates on your nerves. Why is it so noisy, and can anything be done about it?

Common causes of a noisy A/C system

Most newer systems perform quietly; most commonly, a noisy air conditioner is an indication that your compressor is failing, which usually happens in older systems. If your A/C system is old, replacement is probably your only option. If it isn’t so old, you may want to consider a compressor blanket.

The fact is, a noisy air conditioner usually indicates serious problems, most of the time requiring an upgrade. So, how can you be sure the new system you choose will run quietly?

Consider two-stage cooling. Two-stage cooling systems switch between low speed and high speed automatically, depending on the temperature outdoors. These innovative systems are designed not only for exceptionally quiet performance, but to save energy as well – meaning lower cooling costs for you.

Energy efficiency. Some systems designed not too many years ago can be noisy. Today’s high efficiency air conditioning systems are designed to run far more quietly than older models. In selecting a system that runs quietly, also choose one that is energy efficient to get more bang for your buck!

Simple maintenance. No matter how quiet the system you choose is, you want one that is easy to maintain. One of the major causes of a noisy A/C system is dirty fan blades; not only does this result in frustrating noise, but it can potentially decrease the lifespan and efficiency of your system. Be sure to choose an air conditioning system for your San Mateo home that offers simple maintenance.

At Ortiz Heating & A/C, we understand how frustrating a noisy air conditioner can be! For additional expert advice on whether it’s time to replace or repair, contact our San Mateo air conditioning repair and installation experts today.