Tips To Maintain Your Air Conditioner During The Summer

Summer Air Conditioning Tips

‘Tis the season’ as one of our colleagues, Diamond Certified, said recently. That’s right, the temperatures are a-rising and people are a-sweating. This is why we all love central air conditioning, right? It’s a great time to hop out to the beach and get tan, but we certainly love the comfort of the idea that our AC is waiting patiently for us at home. But, imagine for one second that you went into your coveted climate-controlled environment and the air conditioning wasn’t working! Now what? Well, hopefully these simple tips will prevent that scary scenario from ever playing out in your reality, let alone your head.

Schedule a routine service for your unit – It may cost you a little money in the long run, but in the end it will save you money. Routine service visits run about $100 or so, but again, can save you thousands. Having your unit routinely serviced will help it run more efficiently over time, and will typically prevent system break-downs. Many people don’t take this into account, but if your HVAC system fails during peak service times (i.e. summer), your visit will usually take much longer to schedule (because HVAC experts are jam-packed with appointments) but it will also cost a premium price, because…you guessed it…it’s a “peak” season.

Choose a 2-stage operation system if possible – These systems are highly efficient in that they generally run on low most of the time. Only when necessary do the high gears kick into play. Not only are the systems quieter, but they’re also more consistent. The more consistently the system runs, the more efficient it is at reducing the humidity and heat in the air.

Use a programmable thermostat – Programmable thermostats not only save you money, but they save your HVAC system from working overtime as well. Think about it…if you leave your thermostat on the same low temperature all day long…is your air conditioner running harder than it needs to at 4:00am? Odds are, that’s probably the case. What about when you’re out at work all day? Programmable thermostats allow you the luxury of programming the timing of your ideal climate throughout the day. Have the AC turn on an hour before you come home from work, and your house will be cool for your arrival. You get the picture. Not to mention, if you do decide to manually adjust your thermostat, don’t feel you need to go to polar ends to get the house to cool down. If the temperature outside is 95 degrees, and you want to cool down the house, your house will not get cooler faster if you set the thermostat t 65 degrees rather than 85. Don’t feel you need to push the thermostats to extreme ends to get your end result. Many people will forget to turn the AC back down once the house is cool, and it costs your system and wallet in the long run.