Heat Waves Becoming More Common – Tips For Staying Cooler

tips for staying cooler

This summer, the San Francisco Bay Area has experienced scorching temperatures on more than one occasion, and climate change experts predict it will only get worse in the future. In fact, the heat we’ve had has resulted in the deaths of eight people (all of them elderly), six over the Labor Day weekend and two in June in San Jose. How can you prepare for a heat wave if you live in San Mateo, Hayward, or anywhere in the Bay Area? We have some tips for staying cooler.

Start preparing before scorching temperatures arrive. In the Bay Area, most homes aren’t designed for super hot weather – and many don’t have air conditioning, something you may want to rethink before next spring and summer arrive. Other than making your own air the mechanical way, there are ways to keep your home a bit cooler.

Good blinds or shades can keep out about 45% of the heat when closed, according to the U.S. Energy Department. Additionally, you may want to consider window films that work to keep the heat out during summer months, and retain heat during the colder winter months. Window films block the flow of radiant heat, which helps regulate the temperature indoors.

Your landscaping and decor can work to your advantage during hot summer months. Whether you plant trees or hedges that grow to substantial heights to the south of your home or have an awning installed over windows that face the south, it can help keep your home cooler.

During the evening hours, when temperatures cool down, open up the windows for a cool breeze.

Use fans (ceiling, box, pedestal) to help circulate the air inside your home. While it won’t change the temperature in the room, a fan makes the air feel cooler to the skin. Be sure to turn the fan off when you’re no longer in the room.

The heat has proven deadly this summer, unfortunately. You may want to consider having air conditioning installed in your San Francisco Bay Area home, so you’ll be cool and comfortable next season should we experience more hot weather. Hopefully the tips above will help you stay more comfortable if Mother Nature dishes up scorching temps next summer. For all of your HVAC installation, repair, or service needs, count on the professionals at Ortiz Heating & A/C!