The Future of HVAC for Contra Costa Homeowners

hvac for contra costa

At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, we know the future of HVAC is changing rapidly. In just a few years, can you expect cooling or heating your home will resemble something you’d expect to see in The Jetsons? While we don’t know precisely how things will change yet, one thing is for sure: smart technology is leading to change every day, so we can likely expect to see an even higher level of improved efficiency, intelligent thermostat designs going beyond what programmable thermostats are capable of, and greater comfort whether at home or at work.

Some of the most promising trends for the future include:

The “IoT” or Internet of Things will result in appliances integrating more and more with the web. For example, home and business owners will likely be able to use a single comprehensive mobile app to talk with HVAC providers, control temperature, save energy, even schedule maintenance.

Improved software for heating/cooling contractors. Intuitive customer service software will result in a streamlined process, helping HVAC companies better understand clients’ needs, access information while en route, and make service in your home faster and easier than ever before.

Energy regulations will become even more strict. The heating and cooling industry will likely be forced to constrain costs and come up with innovative solutions, as regulations on energy use in systems designed to cool/heat homes and businesses continue to become more stringent. Change is also expected to be driven by emissions monitoring.

Sustainable or “green” technology is expected to be on the rise. Geothermal systems and other green technologies will become more available as sustainable solutions are developed and companies focus on smart designs for improved efficiency.

One thing’s for sure – the world is constantly changing, more so today than ever before with constantly evolving technology. The Internet, mobile devices, being able to connect in an instant to anyone, anywhere in the world – all of these things play a role in the future of HVAC.

At Ortiz Heating & A/C, our Bay Area heating and cooling professionals are dedicated to bringing the smartest, most energy efficient solutions to customers now and in the future. In need of HVAC for Contra Costa homes? Give us a call if you need installation, repair, and maintenance needs today!