The Benefits Of Having An Air Conditioning System

Air Conditioning Benefits

Most people already know the most obvious benefit of having an air conditioning system, and that is the ability to cool our homes. Many people take advantage of how easily we can control our indoor climate, but imagine if you didn’t have air conditioning at all! Particularly right now in some regions of the U.S., temperatures are climbing upwards of 90 degrees on a regular basis, with humidity rates that will drive anyone insane. With the flip of a switch we can easily take that away and create a comfortable living environment for ourselves. That’s an obvious benefit, though. What about the other benefits?

One major benefit of having an air conditioning system is that you can control the temperature and climate for those who are extremely susceptible to high temperatures. For example, babies cannot control their internal temperatures as easily as most adults. By having an air conditioner, you can easily combat the overheating of babies, animals, etc. There are also individuals who have medical problems that can be exacerbated by heat. Senior citizens can easily get heat stroke, have heart attacks, or have difficulty breathing in extreme heat. Air conditioners help prevent the need for medical intervention.

Speaking of medical intervention, what about those individuals who suffer from emphysema or asthma? How does an air conditioning system help them? Air conditioners have filters that can trap dangerous toxins like mold and fungus, dust particles, pollen, and more. Being able to filter these allergens and toxins out of your internal environment provides for easier breathing on your part. The air inside your living space is actually cleaner than the air outside…providing you keep up with regular duct cleaning.

Air conditioners can also help alleviate cold and allergy symptoms by using their filters, as well as controlling the humidity levels in your home. Air that is too moist or too dry can aggravate colds and allergies. Air conditioners combat this to help you, as well as to help themselves, since most air conditioning units cannot operate at peak capacity if the air within the home is too humid or too dry for them to extract particulate contaminants.

Note how we’re talking about air conditioning systems, and not window mounted units. Another great benefit of having central air conditioning is the fact that the noise pollution one usually gets with window mounted units does not occur. This is because the condenser (a.k.a. the source of the noise) is actually locate outside of the house. While this benefit may seem small to you, if you’ve ever lived with window mounted units, you’ll know this is definitely a check mark on the “positive” side.