Should Bay Area Homeowners Buy Whole House Dehumidifier


It's a well-known fact that humidity can be high not only outdoors in the San Francisco Bay Area, but indoors as well. As experienced HVAC professionals, we know the damage excess moisture in the air can cause not only to your family's health, but your home as well. Humidity not only feels … [Read more...]

Should Bay Area Homeowners Consider Ductless Heat Pumps

ductless heat pump

There are some situations in which ductwork is just not feasible when trying to cool or heat a space. Ductless heat pumps offer many advantages, whether you need additional cooling in a small space, an attic or garage, or are adding a room on to your home. If you're considering a ductless heat … [Read more...]

Legionnaires’ Disease & HVAC Systems in the Bay Area

cooling systems in the bay area

Most people have no idea what Legionnaires' disease is, or how the HVAC system in a building can impact your health. Recently, more than 100 people in New York were infected with this disease due to a cooling tower that was infected. When the issue occurred, there was "nothing to worry about" … [Read more...]

The Best HVAC Company in the San Francisco Bay Area

hvac company in the san francisco bay area

At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, we know choosing the most qualified company and technicians can be tough, particularly if you are not familiar with how your A/C actually functions. As long as your air conditioner works, there is little cause for concern; you really just don't think about it. … [Read more...]

Duct Cleaning In San Francisco – Why Have Ducts Cleaned?

As summer months get closer, many San Francisco homeowners are curious about duct cleaning, and why they should have their ducts cleaned. Many heating and cooling companies in the Bay Area offer this service, although not all do. In most cases, ducts should be cleaned about every three to five … [Read more...]

Spring Energy Saving Ideas for San Francisco Homeowners

Spring is here, and summer will be right on its heels. As a homeowner in the San Francisco Bay Area, are you aware of the many things you can do to save energy in the coming months? At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, our heating and cooling contractors know there are several things you can do to … [Read more...]

Bay Area Heating – Why Your Furnace May Blow Cold Air

While spring is nearly upon us, many Bay Area homeowners are still depending on their furnaces to keep their homes warm and comfortable. Unfortunately, there may come a time that your furnace starts blowing cold air through the registers, rather than warm air. So, what's up? Here are the most … [Read more...]

Unsurpassed San Francisco Heating & Air Conditioning Repair Service

As experts in San Francisco HVAC installation and repair, we know that while you may not realize it, your heating and a/c system is one of the most (if not the most) important components in your home. This is why it's important to keep your system running efficiently; your family stays comfortable, … [Read more...]

Is Your Hayward Home Comfortable? Ductwork Affects Comfort & Efficiency

As a leading area service provider of Hayward duct cleaning services, the team at Ortiz Heating and Air Conditioning know the importance of your ducts in relation to energy-efficiency and home comfort. If your East Bay home doesn't seem as comfortable as it should be or your energy costs seem out … [Read more...]

Hayward Duct Cleaning – Do Your Ducts Need Cleaning Or Replacement?

In Hayward and the rest of the East Bay area, having your ducts cleaned should be a high priority. Why? The unique climate conditions in our area make our homes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, pollen, dust mites, mold and other contaminants. Duct cleaning in Hayward is fast becoming a … [Read more...]