Bay Area HVAC – Other Ways to Cut Down Energy Costs

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With the cool temperatures we've been having lately in the San Francisco Bay Area, some find they don't need to use the air conditioner too much. The weather is fantastic, and everyone wants to be outside enjoying it. Still, there are other ways you can cut back on energy costs aside from not … [Read more...]

Should I Get A Warranty Or Agreement On My HVAC System?

It's likely if you have recently purchased a computer, high-definition television, or other electronic appliance or gadget, a cashier has asked whether you would be interested in an extended warranty. The majority of people do not want an extended warranty, simply because the product usually needs … [Read more...]

Hayward HVAC Annual Service – Control Energy Costs & Other Benefits

For many Bay Area homeowners, scheduling annual service for your HVAC system just hasn't become a regular habit. Unfortunately, most homeowners ignore their heating and cooling systems until a problem arises. If you do schedule annual service for your cooling/heating system, good for you. If you … [Read more...]

How To Lower Your Energy Bills With Regular HVAC Maintenance

It's clear to anyone who's paying electric or gas bills that HVAC systems can make or break your bank, especially with energy costs rising, with no end in sight. By performing routine maintenance on your HVAC unit/system, you can dramatically increase its efficiency and lower your energy bills. Not … [Read more...]