Energy Saving Tips for Bay Area Homeowners

energy saving tips for bay area

While temperatures in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area are typically mild, even during winter, there are times it gets cool - or even cold, for some, depending on how cold-natured you are. As a trusted heating and cooling company, we have a few energy saving tips for Bay Area homeowners … [Read more...]

HVAC Tips – How to Check Windows and Doors for Air Leaks

hvac tips

As a San Francisco homeowner or resident of any community in the Bay Area, the last thing you need during summer months are air leaks around windows and doors, which not only compromise comfort, but result in substantially higher energy bills. At Ortiz Heating & A/C, we believe in educating our … [Read more...]

Bay Area HVAC TIps – Thermostat Placement Matters!

Most Bay Area homeowners don't give much thought to where their thermostat is placed in the home. Whether you live in San Mateo, Hayward, or other areas around San Francisco, there are lots of good choices when it comes to thermostats, including programmable models. However, the wrong placement … [Read more...]

Contra Costa HVAC – Check Your HVAC System Using These 6 Easy Steps

Contra Costa HVAC professionals realize that some homeowners simply have no desire to understand how HVAC systems work. On the other hand, understanding at least a little bit about how your system functions can help save you not only money and time, but a lot of aggravation. There are a few easy … [Read more...]

San Francisco Furnace Service – Cleaning Your Furnace System

It's essential that homeowners in the San Francisco Bay Area schedule regular maintenance to keep their furnace systems working efficiently, however when the budget is tight there are a few things you can do yourself to ensure your equipment stays in top-notch working order. These all have to do … [Read more...]

Contra Costa HVAC – The Importance Of Energy-Efficiency Upgrades

As a Contra Costa homeowner, you know maintaining and improving your home involves many choices and decisions. Considering ever-rising energy costs and the fact that more and more people are becoming conscious about the environment, making energy-efficient upgrades to your home is a smart decision, … [Read more...]

Hayward HVAC Company: Thermal Expansion Valve – Comfort & Savings

If you're a Hayward or Contra Costa homeowner considering a new high-efficiency air conditioner, there are certain features that can lower your energy bills and contribute to higher efficiency. Summer is almost over, but perhaps you are considering a new model for next summer if your A/C is an … [Read more...]