Contra Costa HVAC – Check Your HVAC System Using These 6 Easy Steps

Contra Costa HVAC professionals realize that some homeowners simply have no desire to understand how HVAC systems work. On the other hand, understanding at least a little bit about how your system functions can help save you not only money and time, but a lot of aggravation. There are a few easy … [Read more...]

Do-It-Yourself Home Duct Sealing Requires The Right Tools

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Hayward HVAC Maintenance Can Help Indoor Allergies – Here’s How

At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, we know that indoor allergies are common - and that the quality of the air inside your home can make a dramatic difference. You sought the comfort of your home to find relief from outdoor allergies, but now the problem is becoming worse even indoors. If you’re … [Read more...]