Troubleshooting Tips for a Broken Air Conditioner

Depending on how high temperatures rise in summer months in San Mateo, San Francisco, and other areas (like Contra Costa County), an air conditioner that isn't operating properly can seem like a minor emergency. While you may feel that you have no talent when it comes to fixing a broken air … [Read more...]

Hayward HVAC – 3 Reasons Your AC May Overheat & Shut Off

Temperatures are warming up, which means Bay Area homeowners will soon be using their A/C systems. Nothing is worse than coming home and finding that the inside of your home is hot and humid, when all you want is cool, comfortable air. Why did your A/C overheat and shut down? Here are three of … [Read more...]

Bay Area HVAC – Air Conditioner Not Working? Reasons Why…

While you may not have switched the air conditioning on in your San Mateo, San Francisco, etc. home yet, it won't be long. May is here, and time is marching on by. What happens when you turn on the A/C, and your system malfunctions? Perhaps it doesn't come on at all, or it comes on but is not … [Read more...]