San Francisco HVAC Experts Offer Spring Furnace Maintenance Tips

Spring and summer are fast approaching, but it’s important for San Francisco homeowners to act now to ensure your furnace works efficiently during the next fall/winter season. Making sure your furnace is in good working order will also ensure your A/C system is ready to go when it comes time to turn it on. As trusted San Francisco HVAC installation and repair experts, we have a few important furnace maintenance tips to keep your equipment in good shape, so it will keep you comfortable and operate efficiently in the upcoming months.

Like any other equipment, the more you use your HVAC system, the faster it wears out. This is why it is essential that you maintain it, and have a professional perform preventive maintenance on a regular basis, at least twice each year.

Here are our tips for things you can do this spring to ensure efficient performance:

Clean your system by pressure washing the heat pump or outdoor condensing unit. Once you are sure that you will not be using your heat again this season, pressure washing your outdoor condensing unit or heat pump removes grit and winter grime from components, and helps loosen any debris such as dirt or dead leaves that may be trapped. Removing the grime and debris means a reduced likelihood of damaging parts – and a clean system ensures optimum efficiency.

Check your filter. This cannot be stressed enough, even though you hear it over and over. When your HVAC system is used regularly, it is essential that you replace the furnace filter every 3 to 4 months. How to know if it’s time to change? If it’s visibly clogged, dusty, or dirty, go ahead and change it now. Chances are you won’t remember to do it before turning on the heat next fall. Here’s another tip: When you replace the filter, write the date it was replaced in permanent marker. This way you will have no doubt when it’s been a few months since the last replacement.

Have your system inspected. Many homeowners have a professional inspect their furnaces in the fall, but doing it in the spring will save you the trouble of waiting until it’s time to use your heater, then finding out it’s blowing cold air or having other issues.

Our HVAC installation experts also advise you that if you are in need of a new furnace or HVAC system, have it installed in the spring months. This process can take a few days or longer, and you don’t want to be without heat when the temperatures start to drop next fall!

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