Should I Get A Warranty Or Agreement On My HVAC System?

san francisco hvac warranty

It’s likely if you have recently purchased a computer, high-definition television, or other electronic appliance or gadget, a cashier has asked whether you would be interested in an extended warranty. The majority of people do not want an extended warranty, simply because the product usually needs to be replaced by the time the standard warranty expires. As trusted San Francisco heating and cooling professionals, we want homeowners to realize that even though an HVAC system typically has a warranty, at the time of purchase a contractor will usually offer a maintenance plan. Do you need both, or is one option better than the other?

To be honest, it’s best to have a maintenance plan for the duration of time your warranty is in effect. Why?

Warranties can save you a substantial amount of money – hundreds or even thousands of dollars in fact, if a major part goes out or fails such as a heat pump. With an investment as substantial as an HVAC system, an extended warranty is often purchased simply because it can save homeowners a lot of money when compared to the cost of an entirely new system.

Still, warranties do not cover every cost associated with your HVAC system. For instance, it’s always recommended that homeowners have their systems checked out and maintained once or twice each year. These preventive maintenance visit are not generally covered under a warranty, and often include cleaning the unit, inspecting all of the components for proper functioning, replacing the filters, even inspecting or cleaning the duct work if you choose to. Regular maintenance helps your system run more efficiently, and saves you substantially on energy costs.

Many homeowners think the question of a warranty or a maintenance agreement requires an “either, or” answer. The truth is, the two go together like hamburgers and fries. One simply may not be enough without the other! By choosing both, you will enjoy the ultimate in a comfortable home, and keep your heating/cooling system running at top performance for years to come.

At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, our San Francisco Bay Area cooling professionals are happy to answer any questions you may have about standard and extended warranties, maintenance agreements, and the importance of both. Give us a call today for all of your home comfort needs!