Should Bay Area Homeowners Buy Whole House Dehumidifier


It’s a well-known fact that humidity can be high not only outdoors in the San Francisco Bay Area, but indoors as well. As experienced HVAC professionals, we know the damage excess moisture in the air can cause not only to your family’s health, but your home as well. Humidity not only feels uncomfortable and “sticky” to the skin, it can result in mold/mildew in your home, damaged walls and floors, and more. If your home seems excessively humid, you may want to consider a whole house dehumidifier.

Air conditioners help control humidity, so why would you need a whole house dehumidifier? The fact is, air conditioning only helps lower humidity levels when the system is actually running. A whole house dehumidifier runs continuously, even when the air conditioner is not running or on days when temperatures are mild and humidity high. Comfortable, healthier air day and night!

Why not use a portable dehumidifier? While these units are common, the fact is a portable dehumidifier controls humidity only in the area where it is used, instead of your entire home. There are several advantages of a whole house system vs. a portable dehumidifier, including:

  • A whole house dehumidifier is more energy efficient than portable models, especially when you have multiple portable units in various areas in your home. Powering two or three portable models consumes more energy than powering one whole house model.
  • With a portable dehumidifier, you have to move it to the room you want to use it in, set it up, etc. In addition, it’s in view of anyone who comes to your home. A whole house dehumidifier requires very little maintenance, and is hidden from view so no one knows it’s working but you.
  • In order to achieve the results you would with a whole house dehumidifier, you would have to place a portable unit in every room of your home. Not only unsightly, but costly!

Have questions about whole house dehumidifiers and how they work? At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re happy to explain the process to you, and why it’s important to remove excess moisture/humidity from your San Francisco Bay Area home. Give us a call today – we truly care about your indoor air.