How East Bay Homeowners Could Save Money With An Energy Audit

energy audit

East Bay homeowners (and any homeowner in the San Francisco Bay Area, for that matter) don’t want to spend more on energy costs than necessary. Electricity costs don’t get cheaper, and most people make an attempt to save energy, whether it’s preparing meals that don’t require the oven, hanging clothes outdoors to dry, or using window coverings to block the sun. Regardless of what you do, would you benefit from a home energy audit? Absolutely. So what’s involved?

Essentially, tools such as an infrared camera are used to perform tests that indicate where you could be losing energy efficiency. Depending on whether it’s summer or winter, the camera scans for areas where conditioned air may be escaping, or outside air is coming in. This often reveals issues with windows and/or doors.

Additionally, it’s important to know how effective your insulation is, how thick or deep it is, whether the insulation is adequate in the attic, and more. While it’s important to examine all of these areas, an energy audit also includes inspecting whether your HVAC system is energy efficient, as well as your appliances and water heater.

Essentially, your home is a complete system wherein various factors such as the heating/cooling system, insulation, window coverings, appliances, and more could be costing you money in terms of energy costs. You want comprehensive results, so that you understand how to lower energy consumption and the resulting costs.

For homeowners in the Bay Area who have upgrades performed by certified companies, the state and federal governments often provide incentives for further savings. Where should you begin? With a trusted HVAC company who can inspect your heating/cooling system and determine whether it’s working as efficiently as possible, or who can recommend upgrades to ensure your home stays comfortable regardless of the season, while you save money on energy costs. To learn more, contact Ortiz Heating & A/C today.