Ortiz Heating and Air Conditioning – How To Save Money On Heating Bills


Although the cost of fuel has gone down somewhat, don’t expect your heating expenses to do the same! In San Francisco, we know the pinch that fuel can put on your wallet. You could always try to scrounge up a strategy for saving on your bills; nevertheless, you really should focus on improving the energy-efficiency of your home. It is the best way to achieve overall savings, not just on your heating bill but on your entire utility bill once summertime comes and the air conditioner turns on.

Regardless if you are constructing a new home, remodeling an older home or just need to make do with whatever you have, there are a variety of painless ways to boost energy-efficiency. A few of the options include major renovation projects, and even though it will cost you some cash on the front-end, you will enjoy great savings for many years. Think about improving your energy-efficiency as a means of helping the environment. If you’re able to cut your heating payments, you are decreasing your reliance on non-renewable fuels for energy. Here are some solutions to saving:

  1. Changing your thermostat would be the primary line of defense. Whenever you are not in your house, decrease your thermostat a couple of degrees. Move it back up whenever you are home. Buy a programmable thermostat to help you program your interior temperature so you won’t have to worry about continual adjustments.
  2. Upgrade outdated heating systems. Many heating and air conditioning systems are certain to work for around 15 to 20 years, although many are much older. Naturally, the older a heating system is, the less efficient it’s going to be. If you’re able to afford it, replace your old HVAC system with one that carries an Energy Star rating. Energy Star rated heating systems are over 90% efficient. If you can’t afford a new system, perform some HVAC maintenance on your old unit to extend its usefulness and increase efficiency. Examine the air filters, release trapped air within the lines, look for smoke and dust build-up, and clean when needed. Anything you are capable of doing to avoid a system failure will help with efficiency. Make sure you examine the ductwork for any openings and repair them. The very best thing you could do is schedule an appointment with a San Francisco HVAC company to inspect your system and perform annual maintenance. This alone can save you significant amounts of money over time.
  3. Repair or replace inefficient windows. A lot of windows in older homes may deliver a draft surrounding the window frame or sash. Replenish old caulking and weather strip protection around the frames. If you’re able to manage it, replace the old windows with new energy-efficient glass windows which have a low U-value and a high R-value. Essentially, this means the windows are designed to insulate the home, holding inside temperatures in (not letting hot or cold air escape) along with preventing exterior air from getting inside the home.
  4. Examine your doors. A lot of doors are not insulated well, letting outside air in and inside air out. You may have to change out weather stripping and do a little caulking around the door frames, similar to what you would do with the windows.

There are a lot of ways to maximize the energy-efficiency in your house so you can cut your heating bills during the cold season. The basic principles of checking windows, doors, HVAC systems, and your thermostat are just a few things you can do to make an impact. Consider asking your local San Francisco HVAC experts to inspect your home inside and out to show you the different areas that might require some repair or maintenance, ultimately beefing up the energy- efficiency in your home. To schedule an appointment with Ortiz Heating & AC, call 650.758.4900 or email us at info@ortizheatingac.com.

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