Save Money On Air Conditioning This Summer With These Tips

save money on air conditioning

Regardless of whether you live in San Mateo, Hayward, San Francisco, or anywhere in the Bay Area there are ways to save money on cooling costs this summer. Although temperatures don’t typically rise to the level those in the South experience, you never know when temps will soar into the 90’s or even warmer. How can you save money on air conditioning while enjoying a comfortable home? We have a few tips you’ll find useful.

First, do the simple things. Closing up the blinds, shades, or drapes can substantially reduce energy costs while keeping your home cooler, especially with those windows where sunshine comes blazing through. Not only does this stop the sunshine from heating up your home, it helps keep conditioned or cool air inside.

Another simple tip – use fans. Whether a ceiling, pedestal, or box fan, you can make the air in the room you’re occupying feel substantially cooler by using fans to stir the cool air around. In fact, according to the NRDC (National Resource Defense Council), a room may feel up to 10 degrees cooler simply by using a fan. You’ll also reap the benefits of reducing energy consumption, which will save you on A/C costs this summer.

Turn the thermostat up a few degrees. If you normally keep the A/C set at 70 degrees, try raising it to 74, or even warmer, while using fans. You’ll feel just as comfortable in the room you’re using, while saving big on energy costs. If you can handle it, turn the A/C up to 78 degrees to enjoy even more savings.

Thermostat placement makes a difference. If you can avoid placing your thermostat next to a window where the sun bears down or in an area where the sun shines directly on the thermostat during a certain time of the day, you can reduce cooling costs while enjoying a comfortable home. When thermostats are located near a heat source or directly in the sun, naturally the air conditioner will kick on more than is necessary.

Bay Area homeowners can control the costs of cooling their homes during summer months more than they may think. For additional tips or A/C repairs or installation, count on the San Francisco heating & cooling experts at Ortiz!