San Mateo HVAC – The Most Common Indoor Air Contaminates

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If you suffer from allergies, asthma, sneezing, shortness of breath, or other respiratory conditions, it could be because the air inside your home is polluted. Most San Mateo homeowners are surprised to learn the air inside their homes is more polluted than the air outdoors! So, what are the most common indoor contaminates that can cause your family members to become sick?

Household dust, pollen, allergens, chemicals, and mold are very common, and can cause symptoms of allergies or other illnesses to pop up. While household dust can accumulate because of a lack of regular cleaning, a dirty filter on your HVAC system can also result in excess dust.

Common allergens include tobacco smoke, pet dander, and pollen. Those who are allergic or sensitive to these things may experience a runny nose; itchy, watery eyes; sneezing; and other symptoms.

Certain chemicals can result in not only allergies, but severe illness. These include some chemicals in fabrics such as upholstery, carpeting, curtains, even the paint on the walls of your home. Today, many paint companies offer paint that contain no VOC’s, or volatile organic compounds.

Lots of people are allergic to dogs or cats, and the hair, dust, and dander they can leave behind in a home. To reduce symptoms, be sure to dust and vacuum frequently. It may be necessary to put your pet outdoors if allergies or another respiratory illness is severe.

Indoor air quality is a common topic today as more homeowners try to achieve healthy, fresh air for their families inside their Bay Area homes. While there are lots of things you can do to improve indoor air quality such as thorough cleaning, using environmentally friendly paint and household cleaners, or removing the source of allergens such as pet dander or tobacco smoke, your HVAC system can also make a huge difference in the air you breathe. One very important focus should be to change your filter on a frequent basis!

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