San Mateo HVAC – Can A Dog Be Your Air Conditioner’s Worst Enemy?

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If you’re a San Mateo homeowner who loves your dog and considers him a member of the family, you may not realize the damage he can do to your A/C system. Sure dogs dig holes in the dirt, maybe get in your flower bed and do a little damage – but damage to your air conditioner can be far more costly. What do male dogs do that could be destroying your cooling system? Urinating. Male dogs love to hike their legs on trees, but they’ll “mark their territory” in other ways, too.

Dog urine is an air conditioner’s worst enemy. If your pet continues his habit and you’re not aware of it, the outer shell may rust and disintegrate over time, which will eventually result in the destruction of interior coils. What difference does this make? A lot, considering the coils carry refrigerant which could escape if they were to develop a leak. Refrigerant is critical for cooling your home. When leaks form in the coils, you’ll have to replace your system as the damage is too far gone for repair to be an option.

Is there a bright side?

If the damage is only to the outer shell and not to the coils, you can take action now to prevent damage. The secret is keeping your pet away from the outside A/C unit, which can be accomplished by placing a tall fence about 1 1/2 or two feet from the unit. This will prevent further damage, while allowing your outdoor unit to receive sufficient air flow.

How Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning Can Help

Even if you’re not an animal person, it could be that other male dogs in the neighborhood are “doing the deed” on your outdoor unit. Check to see if you notice corrosion or discoloration around the base, or the odor of urine. If you see signs but the damage so far is only to the exterior and not to coils, our San Mateo HVAC experts can perform a thorough inspection to ensure your cooling system is working properly. It could be that cleaning the coil will get your A/C system back in good shape, provided there isn’t extensive damage. If the damage is too far gone, we can help you choose the proper system for your home that is the right size, and energy efficient so that you enjoy a comfortable home and lower energy bills.

For all of your air conditioning needs whether repair, maintenance, or installation, count on Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning for expert installation; quality products; and a comfortable, energy efficient home. Keeping you comfortable is what we do!