San Jose HVAC – Air In Your Home Dry? Tips For Balancing Humidity

Balance Humidity In Home

Whether it’s winter or summer, balancing humidity levels inside your Bay Area or San Jose home is important. Too little humidity in winter months, and the air inside your home becomes extremely dry. Too much humidity leads to problems such as mold and mildew. At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, we have a few tips to help you balance the humidity in your home.

Heating Systems Dry Out the Air

When the air inside your home lacks humidity and is too dry, the result can be nose or throat irritation, dry skin, and chapped lips. Even worse, your furnishings, walls, crown molding, and other aspects of your home may become too dry, which can result in damage. Floors may squeak; you may notice that there seems to be more buildup of dust in your home.

High Humidity Levels Also Create Problems

When humidity levels are too high, the result may be insect infestations, mold or mildew on walls or ceilings, a musty smell, even allergic reactions in family members. Overall, the air feels damp or clammy. In most cases a home’s humidity level should be maintained at between 35% and 50%. How can you accomplish this? Here are a few suggestions.

So that you don’t have to wait to see symptoms of too little or too much humidity, consider using a hygrometer. This is a tool that measures the humidity level in each room of your home. When you know the humidity measurement, it makes it easier to purchase a dehumidifier or humidifier (depending on whether the air is too dry or too humid) that’s perfectly suited to your unique needs. Also be sure to read any technical specifications with the unit in order to determine if it comes with an adjustable control, and the size of the area it is effective for.

Paying attention to the local weather forecast can tell you a lot about whether the air will be dry or humid, so that you can adjust the setting in order to maintain a level of humidity (between 35% and 50%) that’s consistent.

At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning we specialize in Bay Area air conditioner and heating installation and maintenance, and understand how too much humidity (or a lack thereof) can affect your home and your family. Call Ortiz Heating & AC, your local San Jose HVAC technicians, today for all of your home comfort needs!