San Francisco HVAC Maintenance – Prepare For Summertime Heat


Life can be hectic in the San Francisco Bay Area, but annual HVAC maintenance, especially for your air conditioner, should never be ignored. Unfortunately, the majority of us wait until the initial heat wave to turn on the air conditioner, and more often than not, an unexpected surprise is waiting for those who’ve procrastinated. Local HVAC contractors are busy throughout the hottest months, so take advantage of convenient service and discounts by scheduling your service call between March and May.

There are a few things you can do yourself while waiting for your scheduled HVAC visit. First, inspect the area around the air conditioning unit. Remove shrubs and weeds, as well as other plants that have sprouted around the unit. This important step ensures that the air conditioner will be capable of drawing in sufficient amounts of outside air to cool your home.

Next, turn on the air conditioner when the temperature reaches 70 degrees (usually in March or April), and let it run for around one hour. If you find a problem, arranging HVAC repairs, or exchanging a defective unit, will be easier when it is still fairly cool outside and HVAC contractors aren’t busy handling emergency calls.

Be sure to check the air filter and change it if necessary. Dirty filters can make it difficult for your air conditioner to run optimally. The unit’s power consumption increases, and the evaporator can freeze, when a filter is permitted to collect too much dirt.

If the freon levels are lacking in the air conditioner, a leak is more than likely present and a freon boost may be needed. Low freon amounts drastically reduce the lifetime of the compressor, which is the main element in every air conditioning system.

Although it may not seem important, every routine HVAC maintenance check-up should include verifying that all screws are tightly secured.

If you find a problem during the initial operation of the air conditioner, and you feel you may know what’s causing the issue, make sure to follow basic safety rules that pertain to any home maintenance tasks. Shut down power to the air conditioning unit first, and don’t hose down a unit as you can run the risk of electrocution. The best advice that we can give you when it comes to HVAC maintenance, inspection, and repair is to simply leave it to the experts. This equipment can pose a serious risk to those who are not trained on how to handle it properly. You’ll be safer if you seek a professional HVAC company to handle any issues that may arise.

Routine HVAC maintenance is the most cost-effective method to guarantee cool air inside your house during the summer months. Contact your Ortiz Heating & AC for your San Francisco HVAC maintenance. Call 650.758.4900 or email

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