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The San Francisco winter is upon us whether you are ready or not. Aside from the concern with the ever rising cost of oil, you shouldn’t need to worry about your heater operating inefficiently. You can still have HVAC maintenance done, if necessary, to make sure that the heat will come on when needed for the remainder of the cold San Francisco winter months ahead.

If your heating and air conditioning system is fairly old, it won’t be able to provide many years of efficient operation. Even if it could provide you comfort for a few more years, you can be certain that a new, high-performing unit could help you save cash in the long-term due to its modern design. There are considerable efficiency benefits that come with all new furnaces nowadays, particularly the direct-vent gas designs that don’t require a chimney. We are now living in a world where energy costs are unstable and will more than likely stay that way. The price of natural gas could escalate at any given time, just like the price of oil could. However, in the long term, a new gas heater continues to be an outstanding option. In fact, many insurance providers have taken control over household oil storage containers due to the serious risks and expenditures caused from oil leakages. There’s legitimate reason for the exercising more caution.

Clean air ducts are essential for the sake of everyone’s health in your home. An odor is normal when you turn on a furnace/heater for the first time in the cold season since dust has accumulated around the heat exchanger during the summertime. Switching the furnace/heater on the first time merely burns the dust off. Carbon monoxide is unscented, making it impossible for you to readily identify it within your environment. You will want to set up a good carbon monoxide sensor to ensure carbon monoxide is not being emitted within your home. Once you turn your heater on the first time, open the windows to quickly eliminate the odor. This can be the perfect time to plan an HVAC maintenance visit to ensure your heater works correctly when it’s needed.

An HVAC maintenance visit should include the following:

  • Inspection of the thermostat for accurate functioning.
  • Inspection of the filters, along with changing them out or cleaning them as necessary.
  • Inspection of all electrical elements and settings.
  • Inspection of oil motors, if required.
  • Inspection of the heat exchanger for any cracks. A crack inside the heat exchanger can expose your home to carbon monoxide.
  • Inspection of ventilation. If decreased, it might be important to thoroughly clean the evaporator coil.
  • Inspection of air fuel mixture, if needed.
  • Troubleshooting all issues.

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