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If you are buying or selling a home in the San Francisco Bay Area, you may already be familiar with the home inspection process whereby a professional carefully inspects the home for any potential problems. For the seller, a home inspection can help you sell your home faster because you can have any issues (leaking roof, plumbing or electrical issues, etc.) repaired, making your home more attractive. For buyers, a home inspection equals peace of mind – nobody wants to buy a home only to find there are costly repairs that need to be made! However, what about an HVAC inspection when buying or selling a home?

Many home inspectors aren’t qualified to assess the heating and cooling system in a home. Sure, they can give it a brief look and list on their report that the “HVAC system appears functional,” however this doesn’t mean there aren’t any potential problems that need to be addressed. The heating/cooling system should be thoroughly inspected, something only a professional HVAC contractor can do. There may be issues such as a cracked heat exchanger or damaged compressor that only a professional can diagnose.

A home inspection may reveal an appliance that needs repair, but repairs or replacement to the heating & cooling system can be more costly. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, knowing the true condition of the HVAC system can help prevent headaches and costly repairs/replacement in the future. What is a minor problem now could become a huge (and very expensive) issue in the future, so knowing the equipment’s current condition is important.

A highly trained HVAC technician can work in conjunction with the realtor to ensure that heat pumps, air handlers, furnaces, air conditioners, and duct work are all in good working order, or point out any problems that should be included in the inspection report. Additionally, our heating and cooling contractors can recommend what action to take and what work needs to be done to ensure the system is functioning as efficiently as possible.

A home inspection benefits the seller and the buyer, regardless of who pays to have it done or whether both decide to have their own inspection performed. However, it’s vital the HVAC system is thoroughly inspected to ensure a comfortable, safe home. At Ortiz Heating & A/C, we’ve been providing homeowners with exceptional products and service since 1999! Contact us, your San Francisco HVAC experts, today for all of your home comfort needs.