San Francisco HVAC Services | Stay Warm This Winter Without Adjusting The Thermostat


When the first really cold days of winter come in San Francisco, it’s easy for many of us to have a mini anxiety attack. Have we gotten the house fully winterized? Do we have the sweaters and extra blankets cleaned and ready? Is the tea kettle working properly? Although many people would like to switch the air conditioner off and the central heater on, you are able to keep warm without immediately relying on an expensive source of heat. The staff at Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning offers these simple common-sense tips for staying warm.

Dress Yourself In Layers

Long sleeve shirts have several advantages. They will not only keep your arms and upper body warm, they also fit very easily underneath sweatshirts. Beware of too many layers, though! For anyone who has seen A Christmas Story, you’ll want to make sure you don’t wind up looking like Randy. Bear in mind, your lower body can make use of layers also. Warm and insulated socks, leggings and tights are especially good ways to stay warm.

Eat And Drink Warm Foods

We know we have to drink a lot of fluids when we’re sick. Herbal tea, ginger ale, and healthy soups are a few of the comfort foods we take in whenever we’re fighting illness. However, stews, soups, chili, and light casseroles will warm your entire body whether you’re ill or not. The San Francisco Bay Area has got some of the best clam chowder in the world, so let’s consume it! Simply start up the crock pot early in the day. When you come home you’ll enjoy a delicious, warm supper that’s completely prepared. Prior to going to sleep, have a cup of herbal tea or hot cocoa.

Get Some Exercise

The warm radiance that everybody describes after a good exercise routine isn’t a misconception. Despite the fact that it really is winter and it’s cold, keep physically active. Bundle up and take a stroll. Try out sledding or ice skating. Even wintertime tasks such as shoveling snow could get one’s heart pounding and the blood pumping.

Seal Off Rooms That Are Seldom Used

Several reports have stated that shutting off areas of the house that aren’t frequently used may help reduce heating expenses, while keeping other rooms of the house warmer. By simply sealing off doors, you will in fact see a significant difference in the temperature from the closed off room compared to the other parts of the house. Although warm air continues moving through your house, it is going to stay in the areas used most.

Allow Your Body Time To Acclimate

Your body is created to adapt. The San Francisco winter temperatures aren’t always tolerable, but over time your body will adjust to the chillier temperatures. If you’ve ever driven from San Jose to San Francisco, you’re used to changing climates and adapting body temperatures! Having adequate sun light, nutrition, and social activities is vital to staying comfortable throughout the winter months.

A long time ago, folks made it through challenging winter seasons without having the advantage of a thermostat. So adhere to these tips and you’ll end up having a pleasant and efficient winter season.

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