San Francisco HVAC Services | Simple Actions For Preventing Heating & Air Conditioning Emergencies


Homeowners are occasionally faced with a considerable expenditure due to a failing home heating or air conditioning system…or some other system we depend on for our basic level of comfort. We dread these situations not just because the price of repairing the heating or air conditioner is so high, but because we also have to be inconvenienced by going without air or heat when we need it the most. Locating a dependable HVAC company in San Francisco to fix the problem as quickly as possible can be stressful, and the heating repair project completely disrupts our daily routine.

Just how do we prevent an extreme HVAC repair emergency?

Try these tips that require a small amount of effort once or twice each year, and avoid costly heating and air conditioning problems. Even if you do require a heater replacement, you will at least be prepared.

HVAC Inspection

Scheduling a professional inspection once a year should ensure your HVAC system is functioning properly, as well as inform you of any possible issues. A certified San Francisco HVAC expert will inspect and assess the heating unit, as well as clean out any dust or debris that builds up around the unit.

Air conditioning units also need routine maintenance once a year, which should include a professional inspection and assessment of the general condition of the AC unit. Having your air conditioner maintained and cleaned professionally will add more years to the life of the unit.

When should you schedule your heating and air conditioning maintenance?

For two important reasons, your heating maintenance should be scheduled in the fall and your air conditioning maintenance should be conducted in the springtime. To begin with, it makes sense to schedule maintenance visits when your heating and air conditioning system is not in heavy use. If the system unexpectedly doesn’t turn on, you will have allowed yourself an adequate timeframe to get repair work done. Secondly, these are times of the year that are slower for San Francisco HVAC companies, and they will often offer special deals on maintenance, inspections and repairs during this time to “rev” up business.

Money Saving Tips for Heating System Replacements

Make certain to choose a furnace that fits the size and structure of your home as well as your household needs. Consider potential energy-efficient options such as a heat pumps, which are used in more temperate climates to provide maximum efficiency for your family’s heating and air conditioning needs. When your San Francisco HVAC expert does detect a potential problem you will have time to do some research to determine your best options and find the right San Francisco HVAC company to perform the work.

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