San Francisco HVAC Maintenance Is An Absolute Essential For Homeowners


If you would like your heating and air conditioning system to perform optimally and last for many years, you will need to perform some regular maintenance on your furnace. Defective settings, dirty filters and overloaded burners can all wreck havoc on the efficiency and functionality of a furnace. Whether you have a forced air heating system or some other form of furnace, you need to replace the filters every month and have a certified San Francisco HVAC expert come out annually to test your furnace. Failure to take care of your heating system could lead to high repair bills and possibly dangerous situations for your family.

The types of maintenance you need to conduct on your furnace include: lubricating appropriate moving parts inside the system; cleaning the air filters, motors, fan and burners; testing for carbon monoxide leakages; and inspecting the blower, fan belt, safety controls, gas pilot light, piping and thermostat.

Carbon monoxide testing is crucial as the heat exchangers of a furnace can potentially release carbon monoxide gas. This gas is toxic and undetectable. If you were sleeping and this gas was released, you may never wake up.

The heat exchanger surfaces can collect dust, along with other particles, that could impede its operation so it is important to vacuum and dust the outer area a few times a year. When possible, have a qualified HVAC expert inspect the exchanger and the remainder of the system in the late summer before turning on the heater for the heating season. At this time, the inspector can even oil essential parts and check the fan belt for you.

While you have the HVAC expert out, have them look at burners, since they are responsible for heating the exchangers that blow warm air through the duct work in your home. If the burners fail to work, the furnace will not operate efficiently. If you think you can examine the burners yourself, inspect the flame at the pilot light. Clean-burning fuel will generate a blue flame while hot, dirty fuel will produce a reddish-yellow color. When this reddish-yellow color occurs, it usually means the burners are corroding or becoming “stopped up” from rust.

The fan belt drive on the blower that lives inside the furnace also needs to be inspected annually. This is an easy job for just about anyone. While a frazzled fan belt is not a danger to you or the operation of the furnace, it does decrease efficiency. Therefore, it is very important to replace a frazzled belt without delay to increase efficiency and reduce the threat of the belt splitting apart.

Lubrication at specific points within the furnace is essential to provide a quieter operation. It will improve the lifetime expectancy of the system, as well as reduce future repair costs. Lubrication reduces stress on the motor since the parts are not sticking or toiling.

Appropriate HVAC maintenance is necessary for any homeowner. If you want your HVAC system to last for many years with few repairs needed, take care of the system or hire a qualified technician to do it for you. To schedule a routine maintenance appointment, contact your local San Francisco HVAC company, Ortiz Heating & AC at 650.758.4900.

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