San Francisco HVAC – It’s Fall, Time For Furnace Maintenance!

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Lots of homeowners in the San Francisco Bay Area either don’t have an HVAC system or don’t use the one they have regularly due to mild temperatures much of the year. However, if you do have a furnace or HVAC system to provide cool or warm air depending on the season, it’s time for maintenance! One thing’s for certain – the weather around the area is never guaranteed. Warm one day, cold the next; are you ready for winter?

Because those of us who do have heating & cooling systems don’t generally use them as often as others in different regions of the country, they often sit idle for months. If you did use your A/C a few times this summer, is it ready to take on potentially cold weather? The worse thing that could happen is that a few cold days are forecast, and your furnace isn’t working efficiently (or at all) unbeknownst to you!

Are there a few things you can do yourself to maintain your heating system? Sure. Change or clean the filter, make sure there are not shrubs or other plants that may have blocked the outdoor unit over the spring/summer months, and check whether your system comes on and blows warm air when switched to “heat” mode.

Other than that, it’s a good idea to call the professionals who can thoroughly inspect your heating system, including all components, to ensure all is in good working order. This is important, as technicians who are experienced and highly trained can check inside your unit, something most homeowners are not at all familiar with – and a task that under any circumstances you should not attempt yourself.

Enjoy the fall season, but be aware that cold temperatures may be just around the corner at any time in the Bay Area. At Ortiz Heating & A/C, we highly recommend you schedule furnace maintenance now, before you’re caught in a situation that leaves your family uncomfortable! Call us, your local San Francisco HVAC experts, today for installation, maintenance, and service.