San Francisco HVAC: Peak HVAC Efficiency Levels Regardless Of Season

For Bay Area homeowners, the efficiency of your HVAC system is critical, considering cooling and heating your home accounts for a substantial amount of your energy costs each year. Maximizing efficiency not only means a more comfortable home, but lower utility bills.

If you live in San Francisco, Hayward, or surrounding areas, consider the following:

Sealing air leaks

According to, there are as many as 18 sources of air leaks depending on the construction of your home. Some of these include the chimney flue, windows, doors, recessed lighting, ducts, fireplace wall, and attic. Sealing as many of these air leaks as possible means less outdoor air coming inside, which can not only make the air in your home feel uncomfortable, but can result in mold and bacteria when outdoor air is humid or moist. Weather stripping, caulk, and other measures can be used to seal those leaks.

Proper insulation

Keeping external air out requires the correct type of insulation. Not only should walls be properly insulated, but so should the ductwork in unconditioned areas and the attic as well. Not just any insulation will do; your HVAC contractor can help determine the proper insulation for your needs.

Have your HVAC equipment serviced

While you can change the filter yourself and make sure the outdoor unit is kept clear of debris, it’s a good idea to have an experienced San Francisco HVAC specialist come in and service your HVAC system once per year. Having your system serviced will mean optimal performance levels, and fewer potentially costly breakdowns. Overall, your equipment will last longer, and you will enjoy maximum efficiency along with reduced energy costs.

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