San Francisco HVAC Company | Safety Guidelines for Gas Heating Systems Offers Peace of Mind


Winter season leads to shorter hours of daylight and much more time spent inside. Taking pleasure in that time spent indoors could require some creativity from the homeowners along with the ability for providing a cozy environment that can offer a lifetime of comfort. That comfortable lifestyle could be interrupted by an inefficient or broken home heating system.

Heating system maintenance is an important part of supplying the household with essential relief from the chilly winter months. An adequately maintained system can assure the household that a good level of comfort is obtainable by the simple push of a button.

Many homes are heated with a gas heating system and there are several ways to make certain your system is providing optimal indoor comfort along with operating in a safe manner. Small measures in maintaining your system could help you save money, and offer you tremendous satisfaction.

How will you guard your family members from harmful gas problems, reduce fuel bills and improve your level of comfort?

Make certain your furnace has access to enough air for proper operation. This can be accomplished by setting up a combustion air port in between the mechanical and adjacent room.

Dirty filters restrict air flow and tax your home heating, requiring it to continue to labor more and consume more fuel. Make certain your air filters are cleaned out thoroughly at least once each month. This will help your system to run at its optimum capacity and can really help in cutting down on the utility bill.

Pay attention to the color of the burner flame as it should always be blue. Occasionally you may see a glint of red or orange in the flames. That is fine; however if the flame appears yellow this indicates that your burner is not getting enough air and needs to be cleaned. If you notice some flame discoloration, you should contact your HVAC specialists and set up an appointment for a tune-up.

Make certain there aren’t any combustible materials anywhere near the heating system.

Have carbon monoxide detectors installed throughout the house for your family’s protection and make sure to inspect annually for leaks with any fuel-burning units. Significant amounts of carbon monoxide could severely affect your health, and may consequently result in death.

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