San Francisco HVAC Company | Low Income Families May Have Assistance For Replacing A Furnace


One of the worst things that can happen in the dead of winter is waking up one to discover that your furnace has finally died. It is especially worrisome for those with limited means. So, what to do now? While we are extremely lucky in the San Francisco Bay Area, experiencing mild winters extremely rare snow accumulation, our temperatures do drop significantly. Depending on the age and cause of the malfunctioning furnace, it may be able to be repaired, but some HVAC systems are just too old or too far gone for the possibility of repair. Additionally, a San Francisco HVAC specialist may declare the furnace to be a hazard and will therefore strongly advise that you look for a replacement and do not operate it under any circumstances. New heating and air conditioning systems can be very expensive. Many people who do not have the financial means are stuck wondering, “What will I do for heating now”.

Certainly, you can find financing these days, but suppose you don’t have the credit, or perhaps the income, to cover the monthly installments? You can find used furnaces on the market, but you will still need to hire a technician to assess the unit and install it. This is also a potentially expensive project that needs to be factored into the equation. Another factor you need to take into consideration with a used furnace is that you really don’t know exactly what kind of condition the unit is in and whether or not you got a good deal. You simply won’t know how long it will operate.

There is; however, a much better solution in getting a replacement furnace, should you find yourself in a similar situation. Our government has specific programs in place that will either repair or completely replace your existing heating unit with a brand new one. They will not only absorb the cost for the new furnace, but will also pay for the cost of installation. Additionally, they will ensure that the heating system is as energy-efficient as possible, which will help you save more money on your utility bills.

That being said, how exactly does somebody find help like this? Initially, you need to meet specific guidelines for your earnings which are predetermined based on the size of your household. Contact your San Francisco heating and air conditioning company or the local state assistance office and find out about the requirements. Generally, if you’re entirely without heat and it’s the middle of the winter season, you’ll be given top priority; receiving a new furnace in just a few short days.

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