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If you’re looking to go “green” with your home heating, you’re to be applauded for wanting to do your part in saving the environment. When a product like a heating system is regarded as “green,” that means that there are no environmental organic materials destroyed during the heating process. This means no trees were burned, no gas (fossil fuel) was used and there is little-to-no toxic by-products being produced during utilization. The San Francisco Bay Area is no stranger to eco-friendly initiatives, and we’re proud of it! With the cooler temperatures coming off the water, we’re always looking for a way to heat up our homes, but how can we compromise between environmentally-friendly options and heating our houses?

Heating systems which use propane, oil and natural gas aren’t green products since non-renewable fuels are the source of energy. Something that uses electricity is a little more ambiguous as some electric companies use fossil fuels to make energy but others incorporate solar and wind power as well. In these instances, you can likely select which electricity source option you would like. Should you wish to take matters into your own hands and pick a more eco-friendly way to heat your house, think about these two possibilities:

  1. Geothermal heat – The fundamental concept behind geothermal heating systems is based on utilizing the earth’s natural heat and converting it into energy that can heat, or perhaps cool, your house. Plumbing for this form of heating system operates a few feet under ground level where temperatures are warmer compared to what may be outside. There are two main forms of pipes that may be used – one uses groundwater while the other makes use of a combination of water and antifreeze coolant. The water or antifreeze solution circulates throughout the lines using the heat from the soil (and using the water to transport the heat to your home).

    The only environmental upset to geothermal heating is digging into the earth to install pipes for the system. Products like wood or non-renewable fuels are not used during the process of heating your home. Geothermal heating systems will last for years with minor maintenance, which makes it an environmentally-friendly and efficient heat energy source.

  2. Solar heat – Before solar power was in vogue, it was quite costly to integrate it into as a source of energy for your home. Modern-day technology brings a less expensive solar solution, accessible to many homeowners. Solar panels harness direct sunlight, store it, and send it to special equipment that converts it into energy that can be used as electric power. Although the cost on the front end can be a bit pricey, in the long run it will pay off in lower energy bills and overall clean energy that is beneficial to our environment.

    Although there are more eco-friendly heating options in the works, geothermal and solar heat are two feasible possibilities that can be applied right now. If you are building a new home, or have an ample budget for upgrading your home, think about these heating options and adopt a greener lifestyle.

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