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With today’s economic climate, it’s become more important to do everything we can to conserve energy and save money. At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, we believe in helping our customers conserve energy and lower their utility bills by having regular HVAC maintenance visits to keep their heating and air conditioning systems running efficiently and at optimal performance. Aside from annual HVAC maintenance, we also like to provide our customers additional tips they can use to further assist them in keeping their household energy consumption down and, likewise, keeping more money in their pocket. Below are just a few helpful suggestions.

Most people aren’t even aware that a portion of their bill comes from electronic devices in their home that are constantly in the “on” position. Turn off anything that is not actively being used. If you aren’t watching your TV, then turn it off. People have a habit of leaving a TV on throughout the day or evening, even when they aren’t watching. The same goes for a computer. If you aren’t using it, turn it off, as it is continually consuming energy.

If you have various chargers plugged into wall outlets, pull them out or turn them off when fully charged. Although most of these devices only draw a small amount of power, it all adds up at the end of the day.

When you leave home either shut off the heating and air conditioning unit or lower the thermostat. You won’t need it. The furnace or air conditioner consumes a huge portion of your utility bill so plan to make adjustments accordingly. Have a programmable thermostat installed. This way, you can keep the HVAC system on low or off all day until just before you come home, which will save you a bundle of money.

Make sure to leave your blinds and draperies wide open on sunny days. Sunlight costs you nothing and can help give your HVAC system a break while helping to warm up the house. Conversely, close the blinds and drapes at nighttime to keep the home insulated and prevent warm air from escaping.

Use fluorescent lighting instead of incandescent, since they use less electricity. Put to use dimmers and motion sensors, which are huge money-savers. Dimmers are especially useful if you don’t want to have to turn lights off and on often.

When washing clothes, only wash full loads instead of partial loads, and avoid using hot water. When you run your dishwasher, make sure to run it with a full load and use the eco dry feature if your dishwasher has one. If you don’t have enough for a full load, wash your dishes by hand and let them air dry on a rack.

Making just a few lifestyle changes can have a significant impact on your wallet as well as the environment. Give it a try for a few months and you may be pleasantly surprised at what you discover.

For more tips on lowering your energy bills, or to schedule a routine HVAC maintenance visit, please contact your local San Francisco HVAC Company, Ortiz Heating & AC at 650.758.4900.

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