San Francisco HVAC Company – Better Sleep With Air Conditioning


With all the pressure accompanying our tough economic times, an increasing number of people are discovering that they are afflicted with sleep issues. Stress and anxiety can cause us to be unsettled, restless and simply unable to fall into a peaceful slumber. Our day-to-day lives give us plenty to sweat about. It certainly doesn’t help that the summertime heat will be moving in soon, making our living areas uncomfortably hot. Even though much of the San Francisco Bay Area enjoys moderate temperatures, certain regions (i.e. San Jose) can get pretty warm. Who wants to be worn out, irritable and hot on a constant basis?

Fortunately, the good news is that air conditioned air has a direct and positive effect on our level of sleep. The cooler our bodies are throughout the night, the deeper we are going to sleep, and the more rested we will be!

Reclaiming our healthy habits for sleeping better requires us to make a few adjustments in our behavior as well as the environment. There are a few things you could do prior to going to bed in the evening to improve your chances of having a more restful night of sleep.

A few adjustments to your behavior could include:

  1. Steering clear of any form of caffeine
  2. Sipping a half cup of warm milk
  3. Discontinuing eating 3 hours before bed
  4. Allowing yourself 1 oz. of lean protein, such as turkey, which can help you relax
  5. Sticking to a regular routine
  6. Retiring at the same time each night
  7. Discontinuing exercise within 3 hours of retiring
  8. Discontinuing the consumption of alcohol
  9. Discontinuing smoking

A few adjustments to your environment could include:

  1. Keeping your thermostat set between 60-68 degrees for an optimal sleeping temperature
  2. Keeping yourself cool just before going to bed
  3. Keeping your feet and hands snug beneath the covers
  4. Making certain you have a comfortable mattress
  5. Keeping your sleeping area as dark and free of noise as possible
  6. Putting a hot water bottle against the bottoms of your feet

One of the best ways to keep the core of our bodies cooled before bed is to simply relax around the cool air of your air conditioning unit or vent. When we keep the system running during the night, we tend to sleep better throughout the night.

To make sure your air conditioning is performing at top efficiency, contact your local San Francisco HVAC Company, Ortiz Heating and Air Conditioning, to schedule an appointment. Summertime is right around the corner.

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