San Francisco HVAC Company | Benefits Of Electrostatic Air Filters


San Francisco homeowners are well acquainted with the inconvenience of purchasing and changing out heating and air conditioning filters every couple of months. It may not be an enjoyable chore; however, it is imperative for your family’s health to keep the air circulating throughout the home as clean as possible. Keeping the air clean is considerably more critical if one or more family members suffer from allergies, bronchial asthma or any other respiratory system conditions.

Experienced San Francisco HVAC repair and servicing companies today have done away with conventional disposable filters. For many reasons, they now install the more permanent filters. While standard filters really should be changed out a number of times throughout the year, electrostatic filters rarely need to be replaced and usually last many years. Permanent filters can be washed out and also have a life-long warranty. These filters should be the last filters you will ever need to purchase.

Electrostatic air filters have several other benefits in addition to the convenience of never having to replace them.

  1. Electrostatic filters safeguard and can improve the state of your health mainly because they effectively obstruct contaminants such as dust, fungus and mold spores, plant pollen, harmful bacteria, cooking oils and debris, pet dander and tiny strands of animal hair from permeating the air in your home. These contaminants can be found in every part of the house, and consequently they are very hazardous to your body.
  2. Electrostatic filters can also help save you money. Your heating and air conditioning system will work more efficiently and effectively as a result of improved air circulation. Blocked air conditioning coils and tubes tend to place a burden on the appliances in your home. The harder your home appliances have to run, the shorter their life expectancy is going to be, and replacing appliances is a considerable expense as we all know.
  3. Electrostatic filter screens will continue to keep the environmental conditions within the home cleaner. You won’t need to dust and vacuum as often, smudges and fingerprints will be less noticeable on the walls, and your house will be free of the dark film that forms around your air ducts.

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