San Francisco HVAC Company – Air Conditioning HVAC Maintenance & Tips


With suitable maintenance, a new air conditioning system should last 12-15 years, and may last a lot longer than that in many cases. With central air conditioning, as well as window units, it isn’t just essential to have scheduled HVAC maintenance visits. It is also essential to use other means that can help your air conditioning run better. Here are some maintenance ideas, followed by a few recommendations, that will keep your air conditioning unit from working too hard.

  • One thing is to make certain your air conditioning unit isn’t leaking and that it is draining properly. If too much water is left inside the system, or conversely, if too much is permitted to escape, then your air conditioning system is not operating as it should. Check hose connections for leaks or cracks, and be sure the condensation hose has the ability to drain without impediment.
  • Change out the filter every 4-6 weeks. If someone in your family is affected with chronic allergies, having a clean filter can be a considerable help to them.
  • Clean off the outside air compressor with water. A yard hose will do the job.
  • Keep everything clean on the outside of the compressor so it has a free air flow.
  • It is essential to have your air ducts cleaned professionally every 2-3 years. This will not only help you improve the air you’re breathing in your home, but it will also prevent excessive dust build-up. Having this HVAC maintenance performed can be especially effective for those who have hardwood flooring, since carpet will often snag and hide dust bunnies.
  • For those who have any doubts concerning the efficiency or effectiveness of your air conditioner, get it inspected by a San Francisco HVAC company. They will be able to make specific adjustments to your HVAC system to make sure that it’s in excellent condition during their routine HVAC maintenance visit.
  • By making use of ceiling fans, whole house fans, and box fans you are able to distribute the cool air in your home quickly, which will aid your air conditioning unit. Additionally, move drapes, pots, and furniture far from vents to ensure the air can move freely to reach more space. Whole house fans are especially great for supporting air conditioning systems.
  • Your attic should be appropriately ventilated to have proper and efficient airflow. Good attic ventilation helps to reduce heating and air conditioning expenses by 10-12 percent.
  • Close the blinds and shades on the sides of your home that get most of the direct sunlight. This will not only keep your house cooler, but will also protect furniture and floors from sun damage as well.
  • Whenever possible, operate your dishwashers and dryers during the cooler times of the day, particularly late evenings and early mornings. These appliances give off ample amounts of heat as they run, and will increase the temperature in your home. Conversely, operate these appliances throughout the day during the winter to help out your heater!

The experts at Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning can help you maintain your air conditioning system. To schedule a inspection or maintenance visit, please contact your local San Francisco HVAC Company, Ortiz Heating & AC at 650.758.4900.

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