San Francisco HVAC Company | 11 More Ways To Lower Your Heating Bills This Winter (cont.)

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The experts at Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning not only provide new HVAC systems, repair and maintenance, but we also help our customers stay warm while reducing energy bills by offering these helpful and practical tips. Our last post covered several useful ideas on the subject and here are eleven more tips that can be put to good use to stay warm and save money.

  1. Weather proof all exterior doors – Both sides of external doors have to be weather proofed. Use rubber weather stripping all around the sides and corners to prevent the cold winter drafts from coming in.
  2. Carpet and area rugs can definitely keep your feet warm while adding a good layer of insulation.
  3. Allow the sun to shine through – A sunny exposure will provide you with some very basic solar energy. Give some thought to trimming evergreen trees if they obstruct the sun on the southern side of your property.
  4. Swap out problematic windows – Older windows losing significant heat should really be changed out for newer ones. Ask your local San Francisco building center for information about buying a replacement window.
  5. It’s all about insulating. Houses today are a lot more insulated than houses built 25 or even 10 years ago. Still, it’s a good idea to take an inventory of your insulation. You can find plenty of do-it-yourself guides on insulating your home at the neighborhood home improvement store.
  6. Time for soup! A delicious hot soup, stew or chowder for supper, particularly one which simmers throughout the day on the stovetop adds warmth to the home.
  7. A weather proof storm door along with a weatherized sturdy door makes an excellent combination. The storm door will help prevent wind, while the trapped air in between the doors allows for insulation.
  8. Foam your house – Most home improvement centers carry foam insulation in spray cans with easy directions about how to seal off outlets, and circuit breaker boxes on exterior facing walls.
  9. Consider adding some thick thermal window quilts to help your home stay warmer. This adds an additional layer of insulation to the window casings.
  10. Close the doors – The standard door opening can be compared to making a hole in the wall of about twenty one square feet. You can save on energy if you take care to enter and exit quickly.

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