San Francisco HVAC Companies: Tips To Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill


Without a doubt, utility bills go up during air conditioning season, particularly if your house has central AC, which is the case for most San Francisco homes. Realizing that air conditioning is the most expensive portion of your utility bill, you’ve set the thermostat to the highest temperature possible for your comfort level, right? And, you’ve taken care of your HVAC system by changing filters, sealing air leaks in the ductwork and conducting other energy-efficient steps, yes?

Good job! You’ve taken important steps to cutting your utility bills. Now it’s time to continue looking for other potential and inexpensive ways to not only save money, but also lower the environmental effect of generating electricity. As one of the most trusted San Francisco HVAC companies, we hear it all the time…”My system just isn’t cooling down the house and my energy bill is sky high! How can you help?” In all our years of work, we’ve gathered a little list of energy-reducing must-have’s that too few people are implementing. Follow our steps below, and you should be feeling cooler in the home and heaver in the wallet.

Fans are less expensive to operate and can be very cooling. Moving air around makes the air temperatures feel cooler on your body. Fans draw less electricity than air conditioning, and can be used precisely where desired. Ceiling and stand alone fans are both ideal for getting the air moving, enabling you to raise the air conditioning thermostat setting.

Make the most of cooler night temperatures. Open the windows in the evening or in the later part of the afternoon to allow cooler air in. Shut them early in the morning to keep the cool air in. By implementing this natural cooling down approach, your air conditioner will have to run less.

Block out heat from the sun. Sunlight entering through windows creates heat! There are simple ways to block sunlight and reduce heat build-up. By using draperies, reflective window film, or upgrading to solar screens you will prevent 30%-70% of the heat produced by the sun from heating your home, greatly reducing the need to continually run the air conditioner.

You can also plant trees, especially deciduous ones, on the south facing side of your house to provide much needed shade in the summertime.

By insulating your attic, you will certainly cool down your entire house. Attics without insulation can reach over 100 degrees in the summertime, and this heat is transmitted through the ceiling into your home. Adding insulation will prevent the heat from transferring to your living area. If you’re worried about the heat building up in your attic, add an attic fan to draw the heat outside.

By making use of these methods, you can enhance your home’s capacity to remain cooler and minimize the stress on your air conditioner.

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