San Francisco HVAC – Carrier Cor Thermostats

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Most homeowners know that thermostats are ever-evolving; no longer is it like the “old days,” when you had no control other than to set the thermostat to heat or cool, then turn the dial to the temperature you desired. Today’s smart thermostats are making it easier than ever to control the temperature in your home, even when you’re away. One of the newest on the market, the Carrier Cor offers many benefits which we’ll highlight below.

A sleek, small design. Older thermostats are bulky, and basically ugly! The Cor offers a sleek black design with a 3.5 inch color touchscreen that makes navigation simple. Like most smart devices, users can navigate between menu options and enjoy features you won’t find on a traditional thermostat!

Features of the Cor thermostat include remote access, a monthly energy report, interactive tips for energy efficiency, even a 4-day weather forecast! Because of these features, you are in control of saving on energy use and heating/cooling costs. Even from a remote location using your smart device, you can access all of the controls to ensure your system is operating at its most efficient. If your family is going on vacation and you forget to change the settings, no worries – you can adjust the thermostat while you’re lounging on the beach.

A smart setback feature available on the Cor also makes it possible to monitor temperature and humidity outdoors and indoors, with the thermostat adjusting automatically when you need it. On days the humidity level is high, this thermostat can remove the “sticky” feeling from the air in your home!

For improved energy efficiency, comfort, and control capabilities from wherever you may be, consider the Carrier Cor thermostat – the “smartest” on the market today.

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