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Research has revealed that some of the most prevalent factors that cause asthma and allergies are related to the quality of air inside the home.

One of the more powerfully allergenic elements found circulating in your home, which you’re breathing routinely, is normal dust.

You are probably unaware of it, but dust inside the house is often contaminated with the fecal matter and shed skin of dust mites. Amazingly, around 40,000 of these insects can flourish in a mere one ounce of dust. That suggests even the most pristine house most likely has a lot of these incredibly tiny, allergy-causing creatures. Ugh!

Furthermore, it has been determined that dust mites are a contributing factor for 50 to 80 percent of asthma sufferers, as well as innumerable cases of people afflicted with eczema, hay fever and other allergy-related health conditions.

Before you decide to take allergy injections, read the following testimonial from a young man in his mid-thirties who turned his life completely around by trying the “injection-free” solution to managing the cause of the problem.

John was afflicted with cystic fibrosis, a disease of the lungs. In conjunction with severe asthma, he was practically breathless for many years. His situation was so critical that he had no choice but to admit himself to the hospital fairly often, just to carry on. When he discovered from his HVAC expert that improving the quality of the air inside his house may help his health condition, he took the recommended steps. John had the air ducts in the house extensively cleaned out and he put in a HEPA filtration system. Here is what John had to say….

“Prior to the cleaning of the air ducts in my house and installing the HEPA filtration system, I was in the hospital on a regular basis. I was always able to breath more easily within a 24-hour period after being admitted to the hospital, but I would become ill all over again once I returned to my home. I am thrilled to report that I have not been back to the hospital in eight months, which is when I had the HVAC maintenance completed and the filter installed! Now I have a higher quality of air in my home. Not only is my overall health improved, but I sleep peacefully each night. And, because I sleep peacefully each night, I’m able to perform better at work and I have enough stamina to see me through the entire day. I can’t get over how much cleaner the air quality is in our home!”

The experts at Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning can help you clean the air inside your home. To schedule a visit, please contact your local San Francisco HVAC Company, Ortiz Heating & AC at 650.758.4900.

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