San Francisco Heating – Most Efficient Options For A New Furnace

Just like other appliances and equipment you use in your home, furnaces can break, crack, become less efficient, and simply wear out over time. When something goes wrong, depending on the problem, you will have to replace or repair your furnace. As trusted San Francisco heating contractors, we have some vital information you need when repair is not an option and you have to replace.

Naturally you want a furnace that is highly efficient, so that your home will be comfortable while you save money. If your furnace is a decade old or older, it probably isn’t as efficient as it could be, as furnaces back then were designed to lesser fuel efficiency standards.

Basically, the efficiency of a new furnace will be ranked by its AFUE rating, or annual fuel utilization efficiency. This is a simple equation which is based on how much fuel is actually converted to heat your home versus how much is consumed or wasted by the furnace without creating heat for your home. Currently, standards require that newly manufactured furnaces have a minimum 80 AFUE, which ultimately means that 80 percent of the fuel energy actually provides heat for your home, while the other 20 percent is consumed by the furnace, or wasted. The most efficient furnaces may have an AFUE rating of 98 or even higher.

Condensing furnaces offer the best results if you want a furnace with the highest AFUE; these furnaces are manufactured in a way that allow them to capture water vapor that escapes and recycle it, resulting in additional heat for your home.

If you aren’t certain about the age of your furnace or whether the issue you are having requires repairs or replacement, our expert Bay Area HVAC technicians can inspect your equipment and recommend the best replacement should your furnace need to be replaced. We can also perform any repairs which may be necessary.

At Ortiz Heating & A/C, our goal is to help homeowners in the San Francisco area enjoy comfort while saving on costs to heat and cool your home. Call us today for answers to all of your home comfort questions, we’re happy to help.