San Francisco Heating & A/C – Choosing Energy Star Products

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As a trusted San Francisco heating & cooling company, we know that today more than ever before homeowners are energy-conscious. While you want an HVAC system that keeps your home comfortable no matter the season, you’re also concerned about the environment and saving money. As an authorized Carrier dealer, we strive to help our customers understand the importance of choosing Energy Star products when it comes to home comfort.

Why should you choose our company and products?

First of all, heating and air conditioning products that carry the Energy Star label are the most energy-efficient available on the market today. In fact, many exceed the minimum specifications set forth by the federal government! Your HVAC system will keep your family cool in summer months and warm during the winter season without having to work as hard. You’ll enjoy a system with a long life, because it won’t experience as much wear as those that aren’t Energy Star certified.

Who doesn’t love to save on energy costs? Considering your system won’t have to work as hard and its efficient operation, you’ll save money without sacrificing comfort. Additionally, you’ll save on repair and maintenance costs by choosing a high-efficiency model for your Bay Area home. In many states across the U.S., homeowners enjoy rebates or credits when they make a change to products that are Energy Star certified.

A healthier environment for future generations. It’s no secret that HVAC systems contribute to a polluted environment. By making the switch to Carrier or other heating/cooling systems that have the Energy Star label, you can rest assured you’re using less energy, which results in reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Many products also include components manufactured from materials that are recycled – an additional bonus for those who are environmentally conscious!

At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide the ultimate in home comfort and money savings for those in the Bay Area who are concerned about not only energy costs, but the environmental impact. Contact us for all of your installation, maintenance, and repair needs!